Marketing, Sales and Account Management

eConfluence serves Corporates and Service Firms across various industries around the globe. Corporates that we serve include firms from ICT, Energy, Education, Industrials, Telecommunications, Printing and Consumer Goods industries among others.

Our clients typically look for solutions that improve their productivity and efficiency across divisions and functional units such as:

  • Business Development & Sales Support
  • Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence
  • Customer Insight (Market Research & Data Analytics)

Typical challenges

The typical challenges faced by our clients include shortage of skilled professionals, thinly spread resources across functions and geographies, silos in terms of information flow and knowledge management, lack of well-defined processes and know-how, mediocre ROI and low productivity, as well as unaddressed pain points in terms of capabilities.

eConfluence's value proposition

Based on our industry experience and set of solution modules that we design after a thorough understanding of each client's needs and requirements, we help our clients focus on their core competencies while entrusting us with the development and improvement of their required functions.

Our Solutions for Corporates and Service Firms

eConfluence’s suite of solutions is customized to address the unique requirements of our corporate clients.

Business Development & Sales Support

Business Development and Sales is a key to sustenance for any business. eConfluence specialises in business development and sales for Corporates of industry segments across the globe. We establish an outsourced business development centre for our clients comprising of well qualified individuals with relevant sales and business development experience from the particular industry sector. We have developed a proprietary R3 sales model that runs across every client process which is the key to our success in this domain.

We specialise and have been exceedingly successful in

  • Selling B2B products and services across industry segments across geographies
  • Selling industry association memberships
  • Selling subscription based services
  • Enrolling participants for seminars, conferences and trade fairs
  • Development of franchisee/distributor/dealer/partner network

In addition to sales and business development, we also engage in lead generation, lead nurturing, pre – meeting briefings, product introduction through telecalling/online meetings and key account management.

Lead Management Services

We generate sales leads which can be rapidly moved from qualified opportunities into the sales pipeline. These are further validated through calling and initial dialogue. So far we have generated more than 50000+ leads in different products (both technical and non technical) across all sectors for our customers. Over the years, we have also perfected the art of progressing leads to various sales stages thereby accelerating sales cycle, enabling faster conversion and improving ROI for our clients.

Sales Lead Generation – Tele prospecting

We offer lead generation services at affordable costs without compromising on the quality. Our lead services are a great way to jump start your sales and generate immediate revenue for your organization. Our telemarketing experts generate leads thus freeing up your sales force allowing them to concentrate on their core competency, i.e. selling! It also keeps the sales force motivated through a regular supply of well qualified validated leads. Our lead experts can also redirect a call live to your sales team on request.

Lead Nurturing/Development

The secret to effective lead generation lies in cultivating the harvested leads. Lead nurturing is all about having consistent and meaningful dialog with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buy. It’s about building a rapport with the right people, the act of maintaining mind share and building solid relationships with prospects. Lead nurturing is not about follow up calls made to a prospect to ascertain if he is ready to buy now. It is more about consultative phone calls, timely emails to share relevant content ( newsletters, success stories, etc.) with a view to keep your prospects well informed and interested. While doing so we ensure that we communicate the message in a cordial and professional manner so as not to instigate anger or frustration of the prospective lead.

Lead Funnel Management and Distribution Services

Lead Funnel Management is a process by which you continually regulate the movement of leads that go to the sales. It is preceded by lead nurturing and once the opportunity matures into a qualified lead it moves to sales for follow up and closure. The pipeline gives you an understanding of the future business that may be closed by the sales team and allows the management to accurately forecast their sales, better manage their time and prioritize in better conversion of sales. We track and update sales leads during the course of the qualification. You always have an up-to-date record of the sales funnel. This enables your sales team to completely concentrate on the qualified leads or prospects.

Our lead management and distribution services ensure that our clients can:-

  • Capture sales leads from all sources into one lead management system
  • Respond to sales inquiries promptly and professionally
  • Fulfil information requests in the manner requested by the prospect
  • Distinguish those leads that are qualified as sales-ready today from those leads that should be nurtured over time Get sales-ready leads into your sales organizations hands quickly
  • Rank and report success metrics so you know which campaigns are working and where to invest your marketing dollars in future.

Sales Channel Development

Marketers find it tough to develop a reliable distribution/franchisee network in new geographies for reaching out to the end consumer. We help organizations across verticals in developing distribution channels for routing their products to different geographies around the world. We work with organizations in setting up their Distribution/Dealer/Reseller/Franchise network in different industry verticals. We understand the profile of an ideal franchisee/dealer/distributor for your business. Our team identifies business partners for your organisation and communicates with them giving them a complete understanding on the nature of business, their roles and responsibilities and the ROI for them. The team also tracks their credentials and gives you critical information which helps you in deciding on an ideal business partner. For the final closures we schedule appointments for you with the partners that you shortlist. This helps you close on ideal business partners around the world remotely without having to spend time, money and resources on closing these deals. This in turn frees up the time of your sales team to simply concentrate on what they do best – sales!

Market Analysis & Competitive Intelligence Services

An in-depth and insightful research on markets, countries, customers, and competition. Our key attributes include:

  • Domain understanding of your business, given our experience of working across industry segments.
  • Coupled with the right kind of questions/research in the given geographies to arrive at a holistic comprehensive business intelligence report.

Customer Insight Solutions (Market Research & Data Analytics)

Integrating and analyzing both internal and external data to support marketing in strategic decision making. Solutions for a variety of client needs including continued data harmonization, campaign management support, pricing analysis and customer segmentation.

Marketing Support

eConfluence provides the following marketing and sales support services to its clients

Email campaigns, Online/Print media marketing, campaigns on Google and other social networks, Mobile marketing campaigns, CRM updates and Mailing List Management

Sourcing and Procurement Outsourcing

Sourcing and Procurement has become a critical area for companies implementing cost-cutting measures. Core procurement processes and strategic business areas have emerged as key focus areas to drive cost savings. Several companies are outsourcing tactical Sourcing and Procurement processes to third-party vendors.

eConfluence’s Sourcing and Procurement solutions provide transformational benefits across the entire Source-to-Procure and Payment value cycle. Our end-to-end integrated procurement solutions deliver an optimal mix of competency, skills, tools, and technology through a Global Operating Model.