Vision & Values

We believe we are successful if we deliver superior service with highest confidentiality standards to our clients.

We are a values-driven organization and want to create an exciting and caring environment full of growth opportunities for our employees. We govern ourselves through a set of strong values, emphasizing meritocracy, integrity and teamwork.

We build eConfluence around these convictions, which make us strong and sustainable.

Our Values

Serve our clients by consistently delivering superior value

We provide the highest quality in services and people to all our clients at all times. We help our clients achieve significant value in terms of cost, time and quality. We are fully committed to our clients and strive to build enduring, trust-based relationships.

Behave as professionals

We strive for utter integrity. We show respect to local customs and culture. We uphold high standards for service and people. We keep client-sensitive information confidential.

Attract, develop, excite and retain great talent

We develop and excite our employees through active apprenticeship and growth opportunities. We foster a non-hierarchical, collaborative and transparent working atmosphere. We demonstrate care and concern for every individual. We have all employees participate in the success of our company.

Govern ourselves through strong values

We are meritocratic; however we do not compete against each other. We work in teams. We adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards. We foster an entrepreneurial and a personal-initiative culture in the company.

These values guide us in all our activities and contribute to a sustainable advantage for our clients.